Out of the box Decoupled Drupal sites with Druxt.

Drupal Umami Parity demo

Using Drupal's built in Entity display modes and Field formatter system, Views, Blocks and more, the Druxt Site module provides the out of the box experience you expect.


  • Router with path alias and redirect support for Entity and Views pages.
  • Vuex based, on-demand JSON:API resource loading.
  • Entity / Field render system powered by Drupal display modes.
  • Block region and Content block component rendering.
  • Views and Views blocks via the Drupal JSON:API Views module.
  • Breadcrumb, Menus and more.
  • File Proxy enabled by default, and support for API proxying.


  1. Download the module:

    npm i druxt-site
  2. Add the module to nuxt.config.js:

    export default {
      modules: ['druxt-site'],



    Type: boolean
    Default: true

    Adds a default layout if no default layout has been provided.

  • druxt.router.theme

    Type: string

    Sets the default theme to be used by the DruxtSite component. Theme can be overridden by the theme property on the component.
    If no value is provided, a fallback value will be determined from the JSON:API.

Vue.js components


Renders all available block regions based on the specified theme.

<DruxtSite :theme="theme" />