Drupal Content Entity schema generator for Druxt with support for View and Form displays.

The Schema module uses the Drupal's Display mode configuration JSON:API data to build a Vuex Schema store.


  • Generates schemas on build
  • Configurable schema filter
  • View and Form schemas


  1. Download the module:

    npm i druxt-schema
  2. Add the module to nuxt.config.js:

    export default {
      modules: ['druxt-schema'],


Filter schemas

The Schema module will generate a schema for all available content entity type by bundle, display mode and schema type.

This generated schemas can be filtered by providing a druxt.schema.filter setting in the nuxt.config.js file:

export default {
  modules: ['druxt-schema'],
  druxt: {
    schema: {
      filter: [
        // List specific schema files to generate.
        // Or use a regular expression.