The Fully Decoupled Drupal Framework

What is Druxt?

Druxt is a framework for building Fully Decoupled Drupal and Nuxt.js applications and sites. It allows you to leverage the content modelling and management power of Drupal, and build elegant user experiences with Nuxt.js.

TL;DR: Druxt = DRUpal + nUXT.

Getting started

Make Druxt work for you:


Druxt is built on two frameworks, Drupal and Nuxt.js, both with their own modules which can be used alongside Druxt modules.

Druxt modules provide Nuxt modules, plugins, components and more to bridge the gap and make Decoupled development easier.

Theming Druxt components

Druxt is like a Vue.js theme layer for Drupal.

Druxt components can be themed using Wrapper components alongside Vue.js slots, $attrs and props.