A Bridge between frameworks, Nuxt.js in the front, Drupal in the back.

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Simplicity first

The Druxt component connects Nuxt.js to your Drupal JSON:API.

Community built

Built by the community, for the community.

Decoupled Drupal sites

The Site module brings decoupled Vue.js theming system to Drupal.

DruxtJS provides an easy connection between a Drupal JSON:API backend and Nuxt.js frontend application.

# Drupal JSON:API client

Two methods of communication with the Drupal JSON:API are provided by Druxt, a framework agnostic DruxtClient and the DruxtStore Vuex module, which adds an additional cache layer.

See the Guide and API Documentation for details.

# Themable modules

Druxt uses a Module and slot-based Wrapper component system, making it easy to render and theme Drupal data.

Find more details in the Guide

# Community support

Druxt is an open source project, built by the comunity for the community.

Find support or get involved in building Druxt via the community channels:

# Fully decoupled Drupal sites

The DruxtSite (opens new window) module provides minimal configuration, decoupled Drupal site functionality.

Drupal Umami Parity demo

Try out the Umami demo (opens new window), or checkout the source for the Nuxt.js frontend (opens new window) and the Drupal 9 backend (opens new window).